Smok v2 – More Battery Power, New Atomizer and Draw-activated Atomizer

Smoktech is one of the leading electronic cigarette companies on the market today offering many of the most innovative electronic cigarettes on the market as well as being recognized as a leader in the electronic refill industry. Smoktech produces the award winning SmokVapro, a great new vaporizer that is part of their “Best Buys” category. These are only a few of the many top quality vaporizers available from Smoktech.


The Smok Novo X Smoktech Vaporizer is an advanced, stylish and completely ergonomic vaporizer featuring a powerful 800 mahm rechargeable lithium ion battery. The Smok Novo X features a sleek stainless steel look with anodized aluminum body finish and a triple battery button. The Smok Novo X features a single button to change the heat level from warm to cool. The Smok Novo X can also be utilized as a desktop vaporizer or for charging your cell phone and conveniently fits in the shape of a pen. The Smok Novo X features a powerful dual fan cooling system to increase the longevity of your unit.

The SmoknoVo Kit includes a digital clock, a Smok remote control, a Smok noVo card, and some Smok atomizer and refill kits. The Smok Novo X digital clock starts ticking and displaying how many minutes you have left in your current vaporizing session. The Smok Novo X Digital Clock also adjusts the temperature for optimal vapor production and has a back light to ensure that it’s easy to see the time remaining. The Smok Novo X Smok remote control is very easy to use with a hands free feature allowing you to enjoy your Smok without ever worrying about holding something while you are smoking. The Smok noVo card helps you add your custom water label directly to your device without any complicated wiring.

The other most important feature of the Smok noVo Kit is its battery life and I think we all know that a lot of vaporizers leave you with a battery that doesn’t last very long. The Smok noVo Kit comes with an AC adaptor and rechargeable NiCad battery. The NiCad battery life was really good for me lasting me about two weeks of solid use.

My Smok experience was mostly smooth except for one point, my battery life. The Smok noVo 2 did a great job of keeping my unit fresh for the longest amount of time possible. The only thing I would recommend to keep in mind is to turn off your computer when you aren’t using your Smok. When you are finished using your Smok the computer will automatically shut down until you let go of the power cord. This may not seem like a big deal but it is always nice to have that extra backup to keep you from a battery drop.

After I got my Smok I installed the Smok noVo 2 and had a blast with the fresh clean look and feel of this vaporizer. The new novo 2 has a built in battery port that makes it so much easier to utilize. You simply place the Smok into the mouthpiece and turn it on. There is a green light and a red light which indicate when it’s ready to be used.

If you haven’t seen the smoking sensation that some Smok users have experienced you are missing out. Smok’s draw-activated atomizer allows you to draw your own oil or vapor to help you get that satisfying bowl. I found that I didn’t need an extra battery because the draw-activated atomizer did a great job of keeping the device fresh. My favorite part of the Smok device is the built in charger. Having a charger on hand when you need it is so much better than buying an additional battery and constantly having to charge the unit.

One of the most frustrating things about Smok products is that they tend to leak e-liquid. My Smok did not leak but instead was filled with an orange tinted e-liquid that was obviously escaping. To remedy this problem, I now use Smok’s built in charging system as well as an additional pod.