The VOOPOO Replacement Coil

Never pass up an opportunity of enjoying rich flavorful e-juice again when you get the new voopoo Pod System 2-Pack! With a virtually gigantic 5.5ml capacity that is perfectly suited for long-time vapers, plus both 0.3 and 0.8ohm coils suitable for a harmonious heating sensation, these powerful pods are a perfect match for your powerful Vinci unit. The VOOPOO Pod System 2- PACK comes with three different sizes of pods, the smallest being the Original Pod, which is ideal for starters, and the larger size being the Extra Large Pod. You also receive two replacement cartridges to give you extra choices in flavor combinations.

One of the best aspects of VOOPOO Juice Pods is their flexibility. They are available in numerous different styles, colors and finishes. For example, you can get a glass or plastic VOOPOO Pod that has a metal screw-top or a metal coil for an elegant look. You can also select from a glass pod that has an engraved screw top or one that is stainless steel. The stainless steel model is probably a lot more practical in the kitchen than the other two options. The glass and metal models will look good in your kitchen and if you decide to use it as a travel kit – it should fit into any suitcase.

VOOPOO Pods is designed in the shape of a soda can, and are extremely convenient and efficient. To use, simply place your choice of juice or oil into the vial, shake and enjoy. This amazing product is made from FDA approved silicone and so is exceptionally safe. In fact, you may even find that you can actually save money on your next bottle of e-juice if you choose to utilize this product instead of your normal ones. When you purchase a VOOPOO Juice Pod, you actually are saving money on the actual cost of the e-juice, since you no longer have to purchase it in order to use it. This is certainly a win-win situation for any user.

A great feature of the VOOPOO Juice Pod is its ability to use pre-measured and pre-filled refill packs. This means that you don’t have to guess which liquid is which. If you’re a newbie to modding, you’ll appreciate the fact that the pods are labelled as ‘standard’, ‘flexible’ and ‘custom’. The most popular brands include Dr. Proform and Okidata. The basic difference between the three is the fluidity. Flexible is probably best used with an airport or other style rifle because the resistance level can be adjusted without increasing the strength of the atomizer.

You can easily take advantage of the various features of VOOPOO Juice Pods by purchasing them in combo packs. These are available in both standard and compatible coils. For example, the VOOPOO Travel System is compatible with a wide range of electronic cigarettes, including the popular Smokies and Laffy Taffys. However, if you prefer an all-glass unit, then the VOOPOO All Glass Pod Kit is the perfect solution. It’s even compatible with the popular Dell Ellipsis 3.2HP smoker.

The VOOPOO coils themselves are flexible and strong. Unlike many of the cheaper electric fruit-juice systems, the VOOPOO tank does not become too warm to the touch. It’s a definite improvement over the cold, clammy fruit juice machines we’ve used in the past. The adjustable airflow makes it easier to add more e-liquid than usual. It’s even possible to triple the amount of juice you put into the pod by simply increasing the airflow.

A neat feature of the VOOPOO Juice Pod is the side fill system. When you first receive your Juice Pod – or receive your refund – you can choose to replace the foam sleeve that normally comes with the product with a compatible e-liquid refill kit. Simply load the refill into the sleeve, screw on the cap and you’re ready to go. This is a nice feature that will allow you to continue enjoying your fruit juice while making a little extra money in the process!

If you’re looking for an e-liquid experience that’s out of this world, there is no substitute for the VOOPOO replacement coil. If you want to upgrade from cold juice, then this is the choice for you. Your fruit and vegetable juices will taste much better than ever before.


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