VOOPOO 40W Portable Modular Vaporizer Review

VOOPOO makes the impossible possible. VOOPOO has revolutionized the way we vaporize. With VOOPOO you can now get an incredibly realistic and personal flavor experience with your favorite e juice. They’re also great for cooking and baking. When you want to try something new and exciting, VOOPOO is definitely the way to go.


VOOPOO’s biggest innovation was the addition of a reusable cotton sock. After you’ve used your pod for a while and notice that the cotton starts to wear out, simply pop it in the freezer for a few extra months and then re-use it again. In addition to the socks, the VOOPOO utilizes a special adhesive material to easily attach your pretty purple package to any part of your kitchen. Just make sure to remove your pretty new pod when you need to use it!

Made for a phone as slim as a pro skateboard, the VOOPOO Pod Mod is the world’s smallest vaporizer. Designed to replace a normal box mod with a much smaller body, lightweight and more convenient to carry around the Voopoo Pod is truly a game changer. Despite being a fairly small vaporizer, the VOOPOO has an extremely long warranty and comes with a comprehensive user manual. The VOOPOO also performs extremely well and is extremely efficient at heating.

If size isn’t your issue and you want an effective longer, the VOOPOO has a flexible and easy-to-use flexibility plate system. The vinci adapter connects directly to the front chassis of the unit, providing you with a one-touch solution for all your attachment needs. All your standard atomizers and even your newest advanced atomizers can be installed directly onto the front chassis structure. The flexible output range of the VOOPOO makes it perfect for any and every situation. If you want to fog, you can fog!

The unique and innovative shape of the VOOPOO Pod System means that it provides superior air circulation. Unlike other similar products on the market, the VOOPOO allows for optimal airflow without the use of messy filters or extra equipment. With the patented O-matter technology, the heat from the heating chamber is dispersed into the sides and back of the pods, maximizing air flow and giving you cleaner air than ever before. In addition to an improved airflow system, the O Matter System includes a built-in humidity sensor to keep your unit at the right humidity level.

The VOOPOO 40w pod mod kit is equipped with two heavy duty Gene Chip heaters. The Gene Chip provides users with an extremely efficient internal heating element, allowing users to experience premium quality heat and increased airflow. When paired with the included pre-installed fan, the Gene Chip allows for even greater efficiency and performance. The VOOPOO package also includes two extra batteries, the VOOPOO charger and the VOOPOO battery cap. The total package results in an extremely compact device that will allow users to enjoy an exceptional flavor and superior vapor production.


The VOOPOO features two standard batteries, one for charging and the other for discharging. One of the most popular attachment kits includes the VOOPOO’s unique Magic Flight dual battery kit. With the included batteries, users can take their vaporizer to the next level by purchasing the optional voltage regulators. These regulators will allow you to regulate the output of the unit, allowing it to vary the amount of vapor produced according to how you dictate it.

Users should be aware that the VOOPOO utilizes lithium-ion batteries that are not as powerful as those found in the larger devices such as the Pax or Tumbler. Due to this, users may notice diminished vapor and flavor production. Fortunately, the VOOPOO does not sacrifice style or quality in favor of size. It utilizes standard size non-conductive thermal converter coils that utilize a temperature-controlled airflow system. These coils have been tested and certified to work with any of the leading rechargeable battery manufacturers.


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