Wotofo MDura Pro Kit Review

Wotofo Mdura

The Wotofo MDura Pro Kit is the latest rebuildable box mod to hit the market. This unit is IP67 rated and comes with an impressive full color screen. The mod fires up to 230 watts and features three wattage modes, Temperature Control mode, and memory mode. While the unit’s size and weight may be a concern for some users, it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.

The Wotofo MDura Pro Kit is an incredibly powerful vaping system that features a high-wattage mod and a high-quality sub-ohm tank. The tank itself has two adjustable coils and is compatible with H11 and H12 coils. You can use a 0.2ohm H12 coil for maximum flavor. The unit is also capable of working with anything from 40 to 75 watts of power. It performs best at higher wattage levels, and will also vaporize e-liquid faster than other coils.

As a beginner, the MDura Pro Kit is a great choice. Its IP67 rating makes it suitable for outdoor use, and its extensive power mode suite will appeal to active users. It’s easy to use, and paired with a quality tank, the MDura Pro kit is a great option for the first time vaper. It comes with two 18650 batteries and can be recharged via USB Type C. The battery life is exceptional, and you can choose from a wide range of flavor options.

A new e-cigarette is the Wotofo Mdura. This large disposable vaporizer has a 50-milligram nicotine salt in its e-juice. The mesh coil in this device simulates the draw of a real cigarette. There are several flavors available, including menthol and fruit flavors. When buying a Wotofo Mdura, keep in mind the size and weight of the device.

The Wotofo MDura Pro is IP67-rated and fires at 230W. Its dual 18650 batteries come with multiple power modes, and the 230W wattage is good for daily use. It also comes with a well-designed tank and ultra-low resistance coils. In addition to the MDura Pro, Wotofo has made expansions in its line of e-cigs, so you can now vape with ease with this mod.

The Wotofo MDura Starter Kit comes with everything you need to vape. It features the MDura Pro Box Mod, the MDura Pro SubTank, the nexMESH Pro Tank, and nexMini Mesh Coils. You can easily vape with the MDura Pro Kit, and it is easy to charge via USB-C. There’s even a battery charger included in the package.

For the most comprehensive warranty coverage, consider buying your rebuildable kit from Wotofo. Their products are known for their quality and are popular in the vaping community. If you’re not sure about the Wotofo Mdura rebuildable atomizer, you can always try another one. Wotofo has a wide selection of rebuildables, so you’ll never be stuck without a compatible device.