Wotofo Smrt Pod Cigarettes Review

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Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo, an herbal quit smoking product, was originally developed as a French herb vaporizer, with menthol and cedar elements as the active ingredients. When Wotofo was created by utilizing Wotofo’s patented open-frame design, there was no need for any sort of internal battery to power the device. Instead, it needed to be charged by way of a USB port on the computer, or even through an adaptor that would trickle charge the unit. This allowed Wotofo to utilize the very best of both worlds; being able to get rid of the need for an external battery while still maintaining a powerful enough heater for those that desired to smoke under the effects of withdrawal. This is the essence of what makes Wotofo so effective.

One of the reasons I absolutely love Wotofo is because of the unique ability to adjust the airflow control. In fact, in my honest opinion there are some more advanced and user-friendly airflows out there that I would have liked to have had the chance to try out, but Wotofo is probably the closest I’ve come to being a convert to the idea of electronic cigarettes. The reason I think this is so great is because Wotofo eliminates the problems associated with most other electronic cigarettes in that you don’t have to manually control how much airflow goes through the coil, so in that respect the Wotofo really performs better than most vaporizers. The Wotofo also has a cool looking glass body that allows you to read your liquid levels without having to constantly take your eyes off the screen.

Wotofo makes two different kinds of electronic cigarette. The original Smrt coil kit is just what the name says, a coil kit that replaces your standard wire coil. By switching out your standard wire coil with a Smrt coil kit you essentially get a double the power of a normal coil. There are two different sizes available for Smrt coils. You can get a single Smrt coil in a half-inch size, which is enough for about five cigarettes. If you want to go with a larger kit you can get a Smrt coil in a thirty-inch size, which will give you several cigarettes at a time.

Wotofo was designed to be easy to use, with its open frame design allowing a person to hold the unit completely upright, even if their body is bent in different ways. Because of this ease of use, it was designed to be extremely portable, being capable of being taken anywhere and used by anyone. From my first experience, I immediately knew that there was going to be a big demand for Wotofo, and so when I first laid my eyes on the Wotofo Vaporizer I knew right then and there that I had found my vaporizer to be the perfect solution to help me quit smoking. Wotofo also happens to be one of the more popular options for beginner vapers to try because of its simplicity and user-friendly approach, making it easy for anybody to get their head around without having to worry about having too much trouble understanding it.

The best thing about Wotofo is that it’s been able to keep its prices low. They are a tiny company, and yet they sell quality products for a very competitive price. This is one of the main reasons that most vapers choose Wotofo over the competition. Wotofo doesn’t spend a fortune on advertising, and because their product is so well made, their prices are quite low, making them a perfect alternative for newbie vapers.

The other type of kit that Wotofo offers is their e-liquid kit. The e-liquid comes in their popular four flavor variety, chocolate, fruit, tobacco and vanilla. These coils work in much the same way as the Smrt coil kit, except for the fact that they use a liquid form of e-liquid instead of a standard wire coil. The problem with the original Smrt coil kit was that many users complained about an overly sweet taste from the e-liquid, but the Smrt Pod Kit promises to fix that problem by allowing you to put in less e-liquid and get more flavor out of your smokes. The great thing about the e-liquid is that there is no sticky residue to catch on things, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any mess that comes with your smokes!

Overall, Wotofo has done an amazing job creating a great product that many vapers have fallen in love with. The Wotofo smrt podpacks really make a unique and interesting addition to the ever growing world of electronic cigarettes. The only downfall to Wotofo is that there aren’t as many flavors available. This may change in the near future because they are looking into creating more flavors that will be available soon. For now, you can get a taste of what the new e-liquid trend is all about, without having to purchase the entire Wotofo line!


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