Review of the Popular Drop Dead Rabbit V2 Deck of Cards

dead rabbit v2

If you’re looking for a great deal on a quality electronic cigarette, the Vapin dead rabbit electronic cigarette should be at the top of your list. Get yours from a USA based online store for just $9.80 using code “EXTRA30”. There’s also a wide array of colors available. The Hellvape and Vapin dead rabbit electronic cigarette sports a lot of different upgrades over its predecessor. It includes a new tank design, a longer deck, new thumb screws, larger side buttons, bigger clicks, smoother airflow, larger capacity batteries, better battery indicators, and of course the ever important “three thumbs up”.

One thing that the dead rabbit v2 really comes out on top and above, however, is the build quality and the durability. The build quality is excellent. I’ve put a few packs through the paces and they’re definitely long lasting. Unlike many other juices I’ve tried where I would get my herbs go bad and then have to constantly replace them, this one holds up fine even though it does have a lot of vapor. It’s definitely not a vapor trainer, but it is an excellent all day juice.

Speaking of impressive vapor characteristics, the dead rabbit v2 offers a nice throat hit. It’s got a rich flavor that lingers on your palate. It also has a unique and powerful aroma. The strength of the aroma is much stronger than what I experience with other vapes. The flavor really stands out and I found it to be superior to most other juices.

The flavor really stands out when you are using the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda in the best possible manner. The flavor just tastes so good. If I had to make a comparison, I would say that the flavor is on the mellow side, but it’s also got a strong earthy undertone. In a word, it tastes like it’s got a slight hint of tobacco.

The strength of the fruit flavors is very well balanced, which is great, since I prefer to make my juice with a little less fruity than usual. I would, however, put more fruit in the recipe if I were to make any sort of stronger recipe. It is certainly a unique and well-crafted juice with an excellent taste. The added fruit simply gives it that extra kick that I love so much.

The sweet flavor of the dead rabbit bottle, along with the smoothness of the juice is extremely smooth, almost creamy in nature. There is no discernable bitterness, yet the sweetness of the fruit is never lacking. Another fantastic feature of this bottle is the fact that it has a honeycomb airflow system. This helps to draw the liquid through the inside of the bottle without any obstruction. I was truly impressed at how well this feature worked in making this bottle one of the best e liquids available.

The aroma from the bottle is very fresh and intense. There is a noticeable honey-like flavor from the fruits mixed with the raspberry and cinnamon. The cap of the Dead Rabbit V2 is easy to remove, yet the tightness of the cap allows for quick air flow to get the best flavor from the blend. The tightness also allows for a good seal to keep the flavor from dissipating too quickly. I found that the only downside to the Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is that the reservoir that holds the juice does not have a very wide mouth opening. The reservoir is about a third larger than the rest of the bowl, and as a result, there is not a lot of room to wiggle your finger to get the cap to open all the way.

One of the best features of the Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is its ability to make mixing up the flavors even easier. The side slots for the flavor of choice allow you to simply drop dead rabbit v2 in your mixing tray and let your flavors meld together for an awesome taste. The mix feature is very easy to use, as well. All you have to do is put in the amount you want for each flavor, mix, and enjoy. The quality of the flavor is incredible, especially considering how cheap the bottle is. When you combine the price and easy to use features of this deck of cards, I find that it is truly a great value and I recommend it to anyone looking for an herbal RDA.


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