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The Voopoo Drag 3 is the latest addition to the ever popular Drag family of vape mods. It all started with the initial Drag which quickly gained a credibility as a reputable and strong dual battery mod. Since then, Voopoo has actually released the Drag 2 and Drag Mini mods, the Drag Nano pod vape, and the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max pod mods. No matter how you want to vape, there’s a “Drag” mod for you.

The Drag 3 marks Voopoo’s very first go back to a dual battery 510 mod considering that the Argus GT of last year. It takes two 18650 batteries and utilizes the Gene.Fan 2.0 chipset to fire at up to 177W. The set features the TPP Tank and a 510 adapter that allows it to be utilized on the Drag 3 and any other mod with a 510 connection. This TPP Tank is also suitable with previous Voopoo pod mods like the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. Likewise, the 510 adapter allows the Drag 3 to be utilized with all PnP tanks.

This device was sent to me by Voopoo for the purpose of this evaluation.

Box ContentsVoopoo Drag 3 Set Box Contents

1 x Drag 3 Device

1 x TPP Pod Tank

1 x TPP DM1 0.15 ohm Coil

1 x TPP DM2 0.20 ohm Coil

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Handbook


Voopoo Drag 3 Mod

Gene.Fan 2.0 Chipset

Double 18650 Battery Mod

177W Optimum Wattage Output

Adjustable Wattage

Smart, Power & TC Modes

Compatible with 510, TPP, and PnP Tanks

TPP Pod Tank

5.5 ml Capacity

Adjustable Air flow

510 Adapter Is Compatible with PnP Tanks

Design & Build Quality

Voopoo Drag 3 4Voopoo Drag 3 1Voopoo Drag 3 2Voopoo Drag 3 3Voopoo Drag 3 5Voopoo Drag 3 4Voopoo Drag 3 1








The Drag 3 has actually been offered a total redesign compared to its predecessors. The initial Drag and Drag 2 looked really similar to one another but the Drag 3 looks absolutely nothing like them. Instead, the Drag 3 is wrapped in premium leather and includes a more blocky and straight style.

The zinc-alloy frame and brushed metal inlays wrap and surround the leather and provide the Drag 3 a high-end, premium look and feel. This frame comes painted in silver or black, depending on the color option that you select. On the rear end of the mod, just below the 510 connector, is a small metal “DRAG” nameplate.

It’s still too early to say for sure but compared to the Drag and Drag 2, it appears like Voopoo have actually enhanced the paint quality. My paint is still perfectly intact, even on the bottom of the mod, however I’ll have to see how it holds up after a few months of use.

The Drag 3 is average sized but really rather lightweight for a double battery mod. This makes it perfect for trips out of your home (not that I’ve had the ability to do that in the midst of this pandemic) and it’s not too big or heavy to put in your pocket. If you grip it too firmly the straight edges make the mod a little uneasy to hold, one of the few problems I have is that.

The 510 connector plate lies off-center towards the back side of the mod. Atomizers approximately 24mm won’t overhang but a 25mm tank overhangs simply the tiniest bit; it’s barely obvious. The 510 port plate is raised just the smallest bit and tanks don’t sit totally flush. If you’re like me then it’s going to bug you, this is not very visible however. On the bright side, this ought to keep tanks from scratching up the top of the mod.

The screen is a big full-color display screen that corresponds the one on the Drag Max. It’s high-resolution, bright, and crisp. This screen shows individual battery life signs, mode, wattage, a puff counter, voltage, coil resistance, and puff time.

One intriguing thing I observed is that there’s an indent on the left side of the adjustment buttons. I’m not sure why Voopoo did this as it serves no functional purpose and makes the change buttons look weird.

The battery door on the Drag 3 slides out and then opens up. There’s a lot of side-to-side wiggle when the battery door is open and that concerns me. I feel like there’s a good chance that this door will break in the long-lasting however this is simply speculation based on how the door feels.

Features amp voopoo vape FunctionsVoopoo Drag Functions

The Drag 3 utilizes the Gene.Fan 2.0 chipset which was first used in the Drag Max. This chip enables the Drag 3 to fire from 5-177W and brings Smart mode, RBA (basic Wattage) mode, and TC modes.

Smart mode likewise instantly sets the mod to the perfect wattage for your coil when you insert the pod. This is great for brand-new vapers who aren’t sure how high they need to set the wattage and also avoids the mod from mistakenly being set too high.

RBA mode works like your basic wattage mode and is for usage with other non-Voopoo subohm tanks and RBAs. In RBA mode you can set the wattage as high as you like with no restrictions. To change modes push the fire button 3 times.

Out of the box the Drag 3 only comes with Smart mode and RBA mode enabled. If you want to utilize TC then you’ll have to download the Voopoo software program and Drag 3 firmware update from their assistance page.

After downloading both, plug your Drag 3 into your computer system and run the Voopoo setup program. Select the Drag 3 firmware that you downloaded and then hit ‘Download( U)’. Your Drag 3 will turn off as the firmware upgrade is installed.

There are 3 TC modes: NI, TI, and SS. When you’re in TC mode you can scroll all the way to change from F ° to C ° and vice versa. You can hold both change buttons to go into the TC configuration menu where you can change the TCR value, change the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

You can pick from 2 UI’s: Iron (picture orientation) or Core (landscape orientation). They both look very similar however the ‘Core’ UI looks a bit more state-of-the-art and futuristic. I do not have a genuine choice as I believe they both look neat but I found myself using the ‘Iron’ picture UI most of the time.

Drag 3 Button Mixes

Power On or Off: Press the fire button 5 times.

Change Modes: Press the fire button 3 times.

Change UI: Hold both adjustment buttons to raise the UI menu. Then use the change buttons to pick the UI you prefer. Hold the fire button to verify.

Lock/Unlock All Buttons (Consisting Of the Fire Button): Hold the fire button and leading modification button together.

Reset Puff Counter: Hold the fire button and bottom adjustment button together.

Open TC Settings Menu: Hold both adjustment buttons while in TC mode. Here you can change the TCR value, adjust the wattage, and set the coil resistance.

TPP Tank

Voopoo Drag 3 TPP CoilsVoopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2Voopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 3Voopoo Drag 3 TPP TankVoopoo Drag 3 TPP CoilsVoopoo Drag 3 TPP Tank 2







The TPP (Tank Pod Push) Tank is Voopoo’s brand-new tank and it’s an extremely flexible one. It’s a pod-style tank that is compatible with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. It also includes a 510 adapter that allows it to be utilized on the Drag 3 and any other mod with a 510 adapter. In addition, this 510 adapter is likewise suitable with Voopoo’s PnP tanks so you can utilize them on the Drag 3 as well. The Drag 3 and TPP Tank come with two brand-new TPP coils: a DM1 0.15 ohm coil and a DM2 0.20 ohm coil.

The TPP Tank matches and compliments the appearance of the Drag 3. It looks like the PnP tanks, only it’s bigger and has a metal plate that surrounds the drip pointer. The 510 adapter that it sits in functions a band of knurling and 2 bands of etched lines that run along the air flow control ring. The metal plate around the drip pointer and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag 3: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag 3 has a black frame then it will be black.

The drip suggestion is broad bore and detachable. The tank will hold up to 5.5 ml of ejuice and is bottom filled through a port on the bottom of the tank. The port is deep and so is the rubber bung that plugs it. Coils press into the bottom of the tank.

Depending on the coil that you utilize you can go from a direct lung draw with the air flow open, down to a restricted lung hit with the airflow nearly closed up. With the broad bore of the drip suggestion and the plus size of this pod tank, the TPP Tank will work best with DL coils for DL vaping. , if you want a MTL vape you’re much better off with the MTL PnP tank.



Voopoo Drag 3 Kit 3Voopoo Drag 3 Package 3






The Drag 3 and TPP Tank include two new TPP coils:

1 x DM1 0.15 ohm coil (60-80W).

1 x DM2 0.20 ohm coil (40-60W).

Voopoo says that these coils have a larger area inside the coil and likewise warm up much faster. The 0.15 ohm coil is supposed to be used from 60-80W and Voopoo says that it’s best from 65-75W. At 65W I get warm vapor and an excellent quantity of flavor but it seems like it can be much better. Increasing the wattage to 70W makes the vapor a little warmer, more to my preference, and the flavor gets better too. Vaping at 75-80W the vapor is hot and the flavor is not that far better than it is at 70W. Due to the fact that you get the best flavor from the vapor and the coil is good and warm, my favored wattage for this coil is 70W.

The 0.20 ohm coil is supposed to be utilized from 40-60W and best from 50-55W. This coil has even better flavor and offers an actually nice vape at 55W. 40W is much too cool and taste is seriously doing not have at this wattage. 50W is warmer however still on the cool side of things however the taste is noticeably much better. 55W is the sweet spot for warm vapor and nice flavor. 60W is warmer however still not hot. If you like a hotter vape I would suggest utilizing the 0.15 ohm coil. If you like a warm vape then this coil is the one to utilize.

Although excellent entertainers, these coils dripped some ejuice even with 80VG. I didn’t have any messes or ejuice pouring out of the air flow holes but ejuice collected in the base of the air flow control ring. It was never ever a significant quantity of ejuice but enough to be visible and to call for pointing out.

The Drag 3 has actually been an excellent, reputable mod to utilize. In Smart mode it precisely identifies the resistance of the coil and sets the limits appropriately. I did have a couple of circumstances where it checked out the resistance incorrect but this was infrequent and easily remedied by raising the pod out and putting it back in.

Wattage mode works as it should. It fires immediately and delivers constant power. Temperature Control mode is also respectable. TCR for stainless steel just goes down to 1000 so this is the worth I used for SS316L. While it can be inconsistent sometimes, it’s very functional and never as soon as offered me a dry hit. It’s not the best TC out there by any means however I don’t mind utilizing it at all.


Voopoo entirely upgraded the Drag 3 and I love what they have actually done with it. You can utilize PnP tanks with the 510 adapter on the Drag 3, use the TPP tank, or you can use any tank that uses a 510 connection.

On its own the Drag 3 is still an actually strong mod. The wattage mode efficiency is perfect and it even has a very functional TC mode with TCR. If you liked previous Drag mods then you’ll like the Drag 3 even more. This is definitely a mod and kit worth getting.

The Voopoo Drag 3 is the newest addition to the ever popular Drag family of vape mods. Considering that then, Voopoo has released the Drag 2 and Drag Mini mods, the Drag Nano pod vape, and the Drag X, Drag S, and Drag Max pod mods. The initial Drag and Drag 2 looked really similar to one another but the Drag 3 looks nothing like them. It’s a pod-style tank that is suitable with the Argus, Argus Pro, Argus X, Drag Max, Drag X & Drag S. The metal plate around the drip pointer and 510 adapter match the color of the Drag 3: if you get one with a silver frame it will be silver, if your Drag 3 has a black frame then it will be black.

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