Vapeciga’s Artery PAL Vape Starter Kit

Artery PAL

The Artery PAL is an all-in-one vape starter kit with a 1200mAh built-in battery and a long standby time. Its innovative side refill design gives it a thin outlook and a changeable cover for added convenience. It features a wide range of flavors, including menthol and mango, and uses LQC coils for superior flavor. Its battery life is a good six hours.

Its aluminum alloy body is remarkably light-weight and compact. It features a 1000mAh rechargeable battery with an excellent capacity for long-lasting usage. The battery-operated pen features a micro-USB charging port on its base. It features a small logo horizontally printed on the body, and diamond-style grip texturing. Its battery-powered device is compatible with both USB and AA batteries. The Artery PAL is available in two models: the PAL GX.

The Artery PAL 2 Replacement Coil provides great support for the PAL 2 Pod System. Its replaceable pod cartridge offers both a 0.6-ohm mesh coil and 1.2-ohm regular MTL coil. Replacement coils are available for all three models, as well as the first generation of the PAL. There are five replacement coils for your PAL. They work with all models of the PAL and are compatible with other devices that use the same type of atomizers.

The PAL 2 Pod System Kit has all the same features as the PAL, but is much slimmer and more modern. The PAL 2 is constructed of 6063 aluminum for lightness, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It features an anodized finish that prevents rust and paint issues. It measures 83mm tall, 17mm thick, and 43mm wide. Its slim profile makes it easy to store and transport.

The Artery PAL comes with an adjustable airflow system. The airflow can be adjusted while the device is installed. To adjust the airflow, simply rub your finger across the Pod. It has a micro-USB charging port. The LED indicator is also small and easy to read. This vape system offers great performance for an affordable price. So, get one now! And remember to use it! If you’re looking for a quality e-cigarette, you should consider the Artery PAL. The device will last for years.

The Artery PAL Mini Pod contains a small airflow ring that allows you to adjust the airflow. During your first draw, juice will spill out of the bottom end of the pod. To prevent this, flip the Pod so that the metallic part is facing down. Then, insert it into the Artery PAL Mini. Leave the Pod in place for a few minutes to allow the juice to wick.